2.16.12 Minutes

Glen Canyon Special Service district
February 16, 2012
Town Hall
6:30 p.m. UT

630 Regular Meeting

1. Call to order- Rick Hull called the meeting to order at 630 p.m.
2. Roll Call- Rankin, Streelman, McBride, Hull, Specht, Matson were all present
3. Standing Reports
a. Maintenance/lab results report
b. Fire dept. activity report
c. Treasurer’s report-Suzan Specht has been working in Teri’s position since she left and is still somewhat behind in learning everything and getting it all done. Lily Sutter came to the office and paid the entire bill she owed to the GCSSD due to water leakage on her property. At this time
d. Accounts payable
e. Bookkeepers report
4. Old business
a. None
5. New business
a. Non
6. Citizens comments-
7. Board member comment
8. Closed session
a. personnel
9. Adjourn

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