2.13.12 P&Z Minutes

Big Water Municipal Corporation
Planning and Zoning
February 13, 2012
Meeting 6:30 p.m.

Meeting 6:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order-Billie Streelman called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.
2. Roll Call- Dan Malone, Doris Crowley, and Billie Streelman were present. Vicki Alexander was excused.
3. Approval of minutes
a. December 12, 2011- Doris Crowley noted a typo in the minutes to be amended. Billie Streelman moved to approve minutes as approved. Doris Crowley seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes approved.
4. Discussion and possible action on all Conditional Use Permits- Billie Streelman opened the discussion by noting that there were quite a few CUPs that were out in the beginning of this process and that there were only a few left to go over to be sure they were still in compliance. Mrs. Streelman then read a portion of the Planning and Zoning Code Book stating that Conditional Use Permits can be considered permanent at some point in their existence. There were copies to be made for committee members in order to get everyone up to the same speed. The committee then went over all the Conditional Use Permits in their packets. As all Conditional Use Permits are different, they need to be reviewed on a regular basis to be sure they are still active and following all conditions. Jennie Lassen asked what the letter said that was sent to Mr. Hardwick. Billie Streelman read the letter to her and explained that all the letters that went out were essentially the same. Mrs. Streelman asked that the clerk write a new letter to the small amount of CUP holders again asking them to contact the Planning and Zoning. Doris Crowley asked if there was a question as to whether the CUP holders need to pay the fee again. It was agreed that the fee does not need to be paid again, but that the CUPs need to be reviewed. Mrs. Streelman asked Mrs. Lassen if she is in compliance with the Conditional Use for her property. Mrs. Streelman asked how many goats Mrs. Lassen has. She stated that she has no more than 6 goats and she has about 20 chickens. Mrs. Streelman has issue with the fact that the map shows that the animals are on one lot. She would like Mrs. Lassen to make an accurate map to showing how many lots she has her animals on. Mrs. Lassen asked if both lots were listed on the permit. The Planning and Zoning explained that the permit application shows that she is out of compliance and she needs to come back to the town hall and re apply with the correct information. Jennie Lassen stated that all Conditional Use Permits were reviewed not long ago and she believes hers was reviewed then and was found to be fine. Jennie Lassen then added that the fee for a conditional use permit is not something that needs to be paid every time. Mrs. Streelman agreed that the wording was confusing to some people and it needs to be rewritten to be less confusing. Jennie Lassen has issue with coming back to the town hall to redo her paper work. She thinks a phone call from the town should be fine. Mrs. Streelman asked if there were any more questions from the committee. There was discussion of what the next letter to go out was to say. Mrs. Dardeen asked if there was a need of a Conditional Use Permit for a home business. Jennie Lassen read from the book he brought with her and did some explanation of what the difference between a minor and major home occupation business was. Mrs. Streelman asked that the clerk put on the next agenda to review the minor and major home occupations for home business. Tony Shanklin asked once again for clarification on the difference between the two licenses.
5. Boudicca Joseph to discuss sign- Mrs. Boudicca Joseph was at the meeting to discuss a sign she owns on the side of the highway. She understands that the sign ordinance calls for a certain size, but she would like to ask the Planning and Zoning committee to help her in the rebuilding of the sign. She would like it to be bigger and will need a CUP for that. She also spoke about putting smaller plaques under the sign. That would not change the size of the sign. She will be investigating the structure to see if it can be made bigger. She stated that there is money available for promotional materials for the area. The money can be had by local businesses if the Town Council were to go to Kane County and ask them. Mrs. Streelman asked Mrs.Boudicca Joseph how big her sign is at this time. Today it is 8X16 and she is not sure the structure can hold anything bigger. She at this time said she is no longer interested in being on the agenda for this item. There was a discussion about the different ways to advertise Big Water for tourists. “Gateway to Lake Powell” or “Gateway to Escelante” was both discussed as things to put on the signs. Boudicca Joseph discussed different ways to get funding from the federal and state government for advertising for the town. She will look into ways to make this happen for her and for the town. Mrs. Streelman asked if there were any more comments from the audience. There were none.
6. Adjourn-Dan Malone moved to adjourn. Seconded the motion. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m.