Big Water Town Council
Meeting Minutes
Monday December 19, 2016

Work Session- Keith wanted to discuss the items on the agenda. The items listed are not action items to be voted on but they needed to be resolved from the last meeting. Keith explained that there were already ordinances and laws set up by the Town and State that would apply to violating town ordinances. Discussion was made regarding a salary for the position of planning and zoning administrator. Keith feels that there needs to be a mandate training period of 3-6 months. Work Session Adjourned 7:00 p.m.

Public Hearing- Mayor Schmuker opened the meeting by explaining the project was to remodel and upgrade the building housing the post office and care and share. Mayor Schmuker informed the public that while a request for funding may be made to the PCIFB for a grant to fund a particular project, the CIB board may instead offer to Big Water Town the CIB funding in the form of an interest bearing loan which would require repayment. Mayor Schmuker stated that the interest rate for loans is currently 2.5% and terms can be up to 30 years with no prepayment penalty. Vicki Alexander asked the reason for the holding tank, and what kind of toilet the bathroom would have. Hyrum asked about an underground tank. Mayor Schmuker explained that there is not enough room on the property and that a holding tank would work and still save money when having it pumped. Right now the town is paying about $100 a month for the outhouse. Paul Hyde asked if it needed a macerator. Mayor Schmuker does not feel that is necessary. Mayor explained this restroom would be for the workers only. Hyrum asked if this would include upgrades for sewer at Town Hall. Mayor Schmuker replied No. Raymond Rankin asked when the application was due. Clerk Jenni responded February 1st, 2017.
Adjourn 7:05 p.m.

Called to Order at 7:06 p.m.
Roll Call- Merle Graffam, Tony Shanklin, Mayor Schmuker, Keith Crowley Present. Dustin Brown arrived at 7:35 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Justice Court- Total revenue collected $2,245. Year to Date $31,208. 8 citations were filed last month.
Discussion on Ordinance 2016-4 criminal penalty for ordinance violation. Keith felt that this needed to be discussed and explained to the public. As discussed in the work session this ordinance was tabled at the last meeting. This discussion was for closure to ensure the public that it would not be on any other agenda for vote. There are already laws in place with town and state laws.
Discussion was made on a salary for the Planning and Zoning administrator and will be left on the agenda while council continues to discuss the job description and salary that would be appropriate.
Adjourn 7:37 p.m.