Big Water Municipal
Town Council
Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2016

Work Session- called to order at 6:30 pm. Council began by Keith asking Mayor Schmuker about the backhoe he uses for town projects. Mayor explained that there are a few in town that he uses. Keith explains that there is a lot in town that needs to be cleaned and that there is a lot in the ground that needs to be dug up. Mayor Schmuker feels that the town needs to find a way to purchase a backhoe.
Boudicca Joseph asked about the bonds and why the town created a special service district. Mayor explained it was the only way to keep the assessment on the taxes instead of charging only residents for water usage. Keith explained Ordinance 2016-4 and the process for getting the residents to clean up the yards. Dawn Joseph asked about the liens on the property. This ordinance would give the planning and zoning administrator the ability to enforce the ordinance. Hyrum Short described how Kanab has tackled the problem of neighbor complaints and yards. Boudicca explained that this is because of her and the complaints that she has made. Boudicca feels that Big Water is known for junk cars.
Adjourn- 7:00pm

Public Hearing-Called to order at 7:00pm. Mayor explained the public hearing is open and each person has three minutes to talk. Hyrum Short would like to see the town cleaned up and that a class B misdemeanor is too much of a penalty for not following the ordinance. There are many code violations in town and Hyrum feels there should be guidelines so neighbors can help neighbors. Hyrum feels it is too excessive. A class B is $1000 fine and 6 months in jail and a class C is not as harsh. Karen Crandall feels that it's coming across as people are criminals because they don't have a clean yard. Karen has things in her yard and doesn't have a way to get rid of the trash. Caradoc Crandall feels that it is turning half of the town into criminals for having trash and no way to clean it up.
Annie Blair explained that she has been to a few meetings and feels that people need to come to town hall and ask for help. Annie is wondering what is happening with the transfer station. There are properties next to her that are a health and safety hazard. An owner could show an interest and willingness to improve and show improvement. Boudicca suggests that the ordinance be tabled and get a procedure to go with it. Boudicca feels that it could be adopted and enforced later. Marshal Johnson feels that people need to calm down and that he does not want to arrest people for dirty yards. Peggy Short explained that taking it to Kanab is much cheaper than taking it to Page and having our own transfer station. Peggy feels that is an option instead of giving tickets and taking people to jail. Peggy suggested a fee schedule for fines.
Annie Blair feels the ordinance is kind of vague and Kanab's and Kane County’s nuisance ordinance is more thorough. Annie asked who is the one that is in charge of enforcing the ordinances. Keith explains that was him and that this ordinance was the last resort. Vikki Alexander feels this would be a great time to reinstitute C.A.N (Community Action Network), to help each other in the town to clean up.. Levi Dufour explained that it does not make sense to make people a criminal because they are being labeled as a drunk and druggie because of weeds in the yard. Levi explained that other towns have code enforcement officers that drive around and talk with people about their yards. Levi is worried about legal stuff down the road. Levi was upset that he did it get his building permit for year. Rose Donalson grew up in this town and it always represented freedom and to make it a criminal action is wrong. Rose’s husband has a lot of industrial stuff in the yard and Caradoc Crandall thinks that this should be looked into for a longer period of time.
Annie Blair-Thinks that the county ordinance should be looked at and maybe use that one.She feels that the ordinance needs to be looked at and be available at the meetings.
Boudicca-explained that there is different zoning and rules in different districts. Separate the districts and there won't be problems. Boudicca asked Rose why Scott has not gotten an industrial lot and put all of his equipment there. Rose explained that they are not running a business out of their yard but that she should be able to keep what she wants on the property. Boudicca feels that there has never been any means to enforce the laws and people just don’t care. Boudicca feels that the council should get rid of the laws or enforce them.
Hyrum feels that the ordinance should be tabled for the night and made easier for everyone to understand.
Merle feels there needs to be teeth in the law for egregious people who refuse to abide the law. There is a need in this town to clean up because it has been growing for 40 years and stuff is continually piled up. There are places that if a cigarette was thrown over the fence it would be disastrous. Right now there is someone who will look at the laws and the process to do that. Trying to put some teeth in the law. No one has ever discussed putting people in jail. Merle can see that everyone is upset and that the council is not going to go after people just to put them in jail.
Jennie Lassen from what she has seen and her past experience this ordinance seems to blanket that. Could the lighting ordinance now be a class B misdemeanor. Jennie feels that a graduated schedule needs to be set. Jennie feels the law needs to be spelled out so they know what it is.
Paul Hyde wants everyone to remember that we are the people and we should stick together as a town and help each other. Paul feels that there should be a place for people to put their names if they need help and the town should work together to help each other.
Francine Hoover recommends that the ordinance be removed and people work together and then there is not criminal feelings and threats.
Mayor Schmuker thanked everyone for coming and thanked them for their input.

Call to Order-7:30 pm
Roll Call-Merle Graffam, Dustin Brown, Keith Crowley & Mayor present. Tony Shanklin absent.
Pledge of allegiance- led by Mayor Schmuker
Approval of minutes-Keith motioned to approve the minutes. Merle seconded. All in favor.
Justice Court-total collected $1600. Year to date $28,963.
Marshal report- Marshal informed everyone to lock their doors there was a burglary on Saturday.
Keith explained that the ordinance is part of Utah State Code. Discussion was made to table the Ordinance until more research could be done and a better ordinance written.
Motion made to table Ordinance 2016-4 made by Dustin, seconded by Mayor Schmuker. Votes as Follows: Merle, No. Dustin, Yes. Keith, No. Mayor, Yes.
Motion made by Keith to approve the resolution creating the special service district, seconded by Merle. Votes as follows; Merle, Yes. Dustin, Yes. Keith, Yes. Mayor Schmuker, Yes.
Discussion was made on creating a salary for the Planning and Zoning Administrator. Keith explained that it would be nice to have a salary for the position considering he might not always be the one in that position and it is a demanding position. The town needs to create a job description and decide how many hours and how it is paid.
Adjourn 8:08 PM