Big Water Municipal
Town Council
Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2015

Work Session- 6:32, Agenda items were discussed. 2015/2016 Budget was looked at to discuss the bond payment for the fire house. The council discussed other options for bringing in more revenue. There was discussion about asking Church Wells and Kane County to contribute some money yearly to help. An annual fire protection with fee was discussed. Mike with TC Engineering is here to answer any questions. Kris Snow has very mixed feelings. She feels that the community cannot afford it and does not have the revenue for it. Mike asked about the funding and has the public been made aware of this. Mayor Schmuker answered that it has been posted and that the payment would be $12,000 a year. Merle asked how much was spent on propane for a year. Clerk answered that is was $3,000 last year. Mike explained that the building is not up to code and that there is a lot of stuff to put in one place. Mike asked if there was a problem with them responding. Mayor answered no. Keith asked how much this would cost and if it would be easier to just tear it down and build a new one. Mike explained that the cost was due to mostly new equipment. Mike brought the plans to the table to be able to explain the changes to the new facility. Mike explained that in order to get the Amangiri contract that the facility would need to be up to code. Keith brought up that there needs to be a separate bathroom for the female firefighters.

Chief Horning arrived to answer questions. Tony informed Chief Horning about the second bathroom. Chief Horning asked what the code is for that. Chief said there was not a preference but he would like to do it if there is money. Chief explained that he wanted to let the front office be used for when public health comes or social services etc.
Kris Snow mentioned that there is surplus equipment that is available if someone is willing to take the time to look for it. When the construction commences Mark Sleight has offered his storage units for the fire department to use.

Meeting- 7:52
Roll call-Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin & Mayor Schmuker Present. Heather Rankin Absent.
Approval of minutes- Motion to approve minutes by Merle. Seconded by Keith. All in favor.
Keith made motion to approve amended December CDBG minutes. All in favor.
Justice Court report- $ 4,288 total collected. Retained- $2554. Court heard 7 cases. Citations written were 20.
Agreement with building inspectors. Tony motioned to sign updated agreement. Merle seconded. Merle, yes. Tony, yes. Keith, yes. Mayor Schmuker, yes.
The water master plan was tabled due to no meeting on thursday.
Resolution 2015-2 appointing Doris Crowley to Planning and Zoning seat C. Tony motioned to approve. Merle seconded. Tony, yes. Merle, yes. Keith, abstain. Mayor, yes.Adjourn-8:00 pm