Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes January 27, 2014

Work Session-6:32 pm Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin and Mayor Schmuker Present. Heather Rankin Absent.
Agenda items were discussed. Ordinance 2012-264 was explained and questions on clarifying were asked. The firehouse was discussed. Mayor Schmuker informed the council that TC Engineering is working on the plans for the Firehouse to turn into the CDBG grant/loan application. The council on aging was discussed and suggestions were made.

Meeting- 7:03pm
Roll Call Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin and Mayor Schmuker present. Heather Rankin is absent.
Approval of Minutes- Merle motions to approve the minutes. keith seconded. all in favor.
Standing reports-Mayor Schmuker presented the meeting with information about what the water board has been doing with the Kane County water conservancy district. Financial Report- Tony asked questions about some of the line items. Mayor Schmuker answered and explained what the line items were and informed the council that they could ask the town clerk if more specific answers are needed.
Justice Court-
Citizen Comments- Jennie Lassen offered to help with community activities. Jennie has met with the Kane County School Board about a reciprocal agreement to use the school for town events,
New Business-
Ordinance 2012-264 Setting time for Regular Town COuncil meetings. Merle motioned to approve. Keith Seconded. Vote as follows: Merle, yes. Keith, Yes. Tony, Yes. Mayor, Yes.
TC Engineering- Tom Avant presented the issues of the firehouse to the council. Tom explained the proposal and give the council the opportunity to vote on a 10% contingency fee upon acceptance. Keith si concerned about getting a $22,000 bill for this project. The Council is ok with approving the $2,500 contingency fee and will work out a payment system for the rest if the grant is not issued, The council feels this is something that is a necessity to pursue. TOny made a motion to approve $2500 contingency fee, Merle seconded all in favor.
Sunrise Engineering- Doug Carriger was here to discuss water rights issues that need to be fixed and the cost associated with it. This has already been discussed and approved in previous meetings.
Adjourn 8:10 pm