Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes February 24, 2014

Work Session- Called to order at 6:31pm. Heather Rankin, Tony Shanklin, Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley and Mayor Schmuker, present.
The Vacation Home Ordinance was discussed by the council. The changes that the previous council requested changes have been made. Stacy Wadleigh had comments about the Vacation Home Rental. Stacy pointed out zoning ordinances that are being violated and adding another ordinance that would not be able to be enforced. Stacy asks that this ordinance not be passed. Adjourn 7:05

Call to order 7:05pm
Roll Call- Mayor Schmuker,Heather Rankin, Tony Shanklin, Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley present.
Minutes-Motion made by Heather to approve minutes, Keith seconded. All in favor.
Standing reports- Heather informed the council about a water leak at the arena that has been fixed. She informed the council of plans to get funding on the bonds to finish the transfer. Heather discussed the broadband commision. Beehive phone service is considering helping with our internet situation and they are discussing taking over our phone lines. Heather is optimistic that the internet situation could be better with in the next few months.
Justice Court- revenue collected $3,025. Revenue retained $1,811.
Fire Department-One of the volunteers is going to the park service fire school. Firehouse-application was submitted to CDBG for funding and was rejected. Gary Zabriskie with Five Counties contacted Mayor Schmuker and suggested putting the application in to CIB for possible funding. TC Engineering has been working to see if Kane County Commission could help this application by providing matching funds.
Michelle Tenney presented to the council the idea of having a farmers market in town and presented the council with the regulations.
Dan Theabeau asked a question if the septic permit could be put in before the building permit is issued.
Ordinance 2013-274-Vacation Rental Home: Tony motioned to table to the next meeting. Keith seconded. Vote as follows. Heather Yes. Merle Yes. Tony Yes. Keith Yes and Mayor Schumker Yes. The Council felt a joint session with Planning and Zoning was needed to discuss more changes that were needed.
2014-275-Amending Zoning Ordinance to remove RE-3 Zone. Heather motioned, Merle seconded.Votes as follows.Heather Yes. Merle Yes. Tony Yes. Keith Yes and Mayor Schumker Yes.
Adjourn-7:45 pm