Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes Monday April 21, 2014

Work Session-7:35 pm Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin, & Mayor David Schmuker, Present. Heather will be late.
Discussed agenda items.
Public Hearing-8:05 PM Dan Theabeau was here to explain what will be done on the fire station. Dan explained that Dirk is not sure that funds will be available from TRT ( Transient Room Tax) funds but that we should be able to use the land as a match. Jennie Lassen asked if there would be a loan involved in this and how would be able to pay for that. Mayor Schmuker informed Jennie that Big Water would need the Amangiri contract. Jennie felt there was some discretion about not being able to use the Transient room tax. Dan Theabeau explained that if the CIB board does ask for more of a match then the county commission will see if they can help provide the match. Larry May asked if Greenehaven has the contract right now. He was concerned that if Greenehaven got an ambulance would Amangiri pull the contract from Big Water. Raymond Rankin explained that it was explained to him that the contract would run for five years. Mayor Schmuker explained that if Big Water got the Contract then it would provide CPR training to Amangiri and be able to check hydrants around town, Heather is concerned that as a citizen the county will not help us and give any TRT funds to Big Water. Mayor commented that everyone in the county is excited about this firehouse and willing to support it. Adjourn-8:28pm

Meeting- 8:29 pm
Roll Call Merle Graffam, Heather Rankin, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin, Mayor Schmucker Present.
Approval of Minutes-Heather motioned to approve minutes 2.24.14 and 3.17.14. Merle seconded. Merle would like the Mayors name fixed on the February. All in Favor.
Heather explained that the Water Board is looking at giving notices to past due accounts and start putting notes on doors about water being turned off. The Utility board is looking at putting liens on some properties before the property goes into foreclosure. Heather explained that the utility board is going to try to appear before the Drinking water board to get our grants excused. Tony explained that he is having trouble getting the county to answer about the volunteer center here in Big Water.
Budget Report- Net Revenue over expenditures by $39,777.
Justice Court- 1750 collected retained $941. Past due collected $230.
Citizen Comments-Vicki Alexander was here to report on the Republican caucus. Jennie Lassen was wondering who is in charge of the park and do we need any help.Jennie is concerned about the doors on the restroom not getting unlocked after use and then always being locked. Mayor explained the Don Hardwick was donating his time to water and mow and Joann would clean the bathrooms.
Resolution 2014-683 motion made by Heather, Keith seconded, discussion: Tony wanted to make sure that the loan was paid out of B&C road funds. Vote as follows Merle, Yes; Heather, Yes; Keith Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Yes.
Discussion was made on on Dell Timpsons water bill and the water board does not feel as if it should be forgiven due to owner negligence and costs to the town to repair. Motioned by Heather to not forgive the water bill. Seconded by Keith. Discussion-Was Dell charged for the repairs that were made? Mayor commented that he was charged for some and did put the recommendations given into place. Dell will be charged for the parts used to fix his side of the line. Vote as follows: Merle, Yes; Heather, Yes; Keith, Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Schmuker; Yes.
Lot Consolidation- Motion to approve by Heather, seconded by Keith. Vote as follows: Merle, Yes; Heather, Yes; Keith, Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Schmuker; Yes.
Sunrise Engineering Work order to map and research road rights of way. Motion made by Merle, Heather seconded. Merle, Yes; Heather, Yes; Keith, Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Schmuker; Yes.
Building inspection interlocal agreement- Motioned by Tony to sign the agreement, Seconded by Merle. Merle, Yes; Heather, Yes; Keith, Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Schmuker; Yes.
Svodbony account- water board feels that the lien should be removed for a payment of $320. This comes from a letter that was written to the owner back in 2008.
Motion made to release lien made by Keith, seconded by Merle, Yes; Heather Abstain, Keith, Yes; Tony, Yes; Mayor Schmuker, Yes.
Adjourn-9:35 PM