Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes May 19, 2014

Work Session-Merle Graffam, Heather Rankin, Tony Shanklin, & Mayor David Schmuker present. Keith Crowley absent.
Budget items were discussed and changes made to line items.

Public Hearing- To receive input with respect to the issuance of such bonds and any potential impact to the private sector from the construction of the project. Tony explained the bonds and Jenni explained that $174,000 is grant, $250,000 town money and $200,000 loan that will be paid by B&C road funds. Clarence trent is concerned that if we put all this money into fixing the roads the town needs to have a maintenance plan in place to do the upkeep. Clarence doesn't feel like we should fix these roads if we are not going to maintain them. The Mayor answered by telling Clarance how much we spent last year trying to fix the roads. Tom Avant explained that we have been saving our B&C road funds to get this project done. Peggy Short feels that we need permits for heavy trucks on Ethan Allen and the damage they are doing to the road. Tony agrees that there needs to be a fee or permit. Clarence feels that we could do it by weight. Tom Avant recommends adding a heavy truck fee to the business license. Jennie Lassen informed the council she did not think that was a valid charge to put on the business license. Mayor Schmuker informed the citizens that Western Rock might get the bid for the gravel and Western Rock has informed the town that they would help. Tony is concerned about the speed and the kids. Paul Hyde is asking if the feds are responsible for the road that goes out to Smokey Mountain road and people being directed that way,. Jennie Lassen informed the council that it is not the actual road.
Adjourn-8:19 pm
Public Hearing- Open the budget to make necessary changes. The Marshal Department for Spillman in his marshal car. This will also help with the new legislation that requires all tickets be filed electronically. Heather wanted money moved from the PTIF contingency fund to cover the cost of fixing the pump. Vic Carlucci asked if there was an insurance policy for the pump.The council feels that a resolution needs to be done to transfer the money and will be done next month.

Call to order-8:29pm
Roll Call- Merle Graffam, Heather Rankin, Tony Shanklin, & Mayor Schmuker present, Keith Crowley absent.
Minutes Heather motioned to approve the minutes. Merle seconded. Vote all in favor.
Utility board-Heather informed the council that the water board is moving along with the transfer and that the town can apply for a grant to update the Capital Facilities plan to be able to go to the