Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes Monday March 17, 2014

Work Session-7:37pm
Doug with Sunrise Engineering discussed progress on the water rights for the transfer. Information about the upcoming road project was discussed and Sunrise would like to come to the meeting to discuss which roads are most important. Tony Shanklin brought up that the rock for the park sign needs to be put up before it gets ruined just laying there

Call to order-8:07 pm.
Roll Call-Heather Rankin, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin and Mayor Schmuker Present. Merle Graffam Excused.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Tony Shanklin. Approval of Minutes was postponed until next meeting as the computers were down and not able to print them out.

A general plan was discussed and is currently in use but should be updated. The Utility Board would like to appear before the Drinking water board to ask about the Bonds and if some of the debt could be forgiven due to the Gateway to Lake Powell Act. Doug with Sunrise suggested that there is a report and maps and enough info to state our case but not make it too long.
Fire Department has been busy with medical calls the last month. They are waiting for an RFP on the Aman contract. Big Water Fire was able to provide medics to a photo shoot where Kanab and Kane County could not provide one.
Utility Board-Discussion was made by the Utility Board about a water leak and meter by the rodeo grounds. The board feels like it does not need to forgive this bill at this time and would like Town Council to vote. It was not on the Agenda this night so will be voted next month. The budget was discussed and will be looked at line by line at the next meeting for any changes. Impact fees and connection fees were brought up and the need for a Capital Facilities plan. The board was unsure if the District had one and Jenni will look for it. There are a few more changes that need to be made to the Policy and Procedure manual as Western Rock is putting in a 4 inch line soon.
Planning and Zoning had a combined meeting with Town Council and discussed the Vacation Rental Home Ordinance. Changes were discussed and the final Ordinance will be ready for Town Council approval in May.
Financial Report-Net revenue over expenditures by $78,581.
Justice Court-Total Revenue Collected $2,630. Revenue Retained $1,606.
Doug with Sunrise Engineering presented the town with information on Water Rights and a work release to move forward.
Adjourn- 9:02 PM