Big Water Municipal Town Council Meeting Minutes Monday June 16, 2014

Work Session-7:37 PM
Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin & Mayor Schmuker Present. Heather Rankin Absent. Tony asked questions about the budget. Merle left at 9:00 PM

Public Hearing-8:00 PM
Don Hardwick commented that he moved here because it is the end of the road. Don suggests that we lower taxes for the town. Mayor Schmuker explained that we are not raising taxes and Merle Graffam explained that it was discussed in the work session about lowering taxes. Tony Shanklin informed Don that there could be a time when taxes are lowered but for right now it helps us build a bank account for emergencies.
Paul Hyde wanted to ask where we are on the re-model of the fire department. Mayor Schmuker explained that when the project is funded the budget would be reopened to include the money for the remodel.
Don Hardwick asked about Kanab having a pool and what it would entail for our community to get one.

Meeting-8:09 PM
Roll call-Merle Graffam, Keith Crowley, Tony Shanklin, and Mayor Schmuker present. Heather Rankin absent.
Approval of Minutes- Motion made by Merle to approve the minutes. Seconded by Tony. Vote All in Favor.
Fire Chief- Went to Amangiri three times in four days. Attend a walk through to look at facilities.. Submitted the proposal to the commission. Next week the numbers will be worked on for the contract and issues with the the Kane County Hospital will be worked out. There were a few car wrecks and there might be some bad drugs going around town that are making people sick.
Justice Court- Collected $5,285 Retained $3,147. Citations files 42.
Park-Mayor Schmuker explained that some work has been done on the Park. Don Hardwick has been taking care of the grass and they are looking for someone to help with the weeds.
Citizen Comments- Kelly Stowell is here with commissioner Matson to give the council a presentation.
Resolution 2014-686 Adopting the 2014/2015 Budget. Motion made by Keith to accept the 2014/2015 budget. Seconded by Tony. Keith Yes, Tony Yes Mayor Yes.
Approving 2014/2015 Tax Rates, Motion made by Keith to approve. Seconded by Tony Votes as follows:Keith Yes, Tony Yes Mayor Yes.
Resolution 2014-685-Appointing Ann Nielsen as Deputy Marshal. Tony Motioned to approve Keith seconded. Votes as follows: Keith Yes, Tony Yes Mayor Yes.