P&Z Minutes 8.20.13

Planning and Zoning

Work Session- Worked on correcting addresses.

Meeting- called to order at 7:30PM
Doris Crowley, Denise Wood, Billie Streelman, present. David Joseph and Deborah Short Absent.
Minutes approved- Denise made motion to approve minutes with typo corrections. Seconded by Doris. All in favor.
Citizen comments-Rocky Pyle would like to combine his lots to make 3/4 of an acre and sell it. He would like to move the lot line. Billie informed him when the application is finished and the plans are drawn up bring it back to P&Z and they will look at approval.
Old business- Mackenzie found ordinances for vacation homes. The council will look over these and have some ideas for an ordinance that will fit our town.
Tony Shanklin was asked by a citizen about opening a bed and breakfast. The process was explained. Tony Shanklin made a comment about the road project that town council has approved. He says that the map for the road project shows that the roads would be done and would change the zoning ordinance. Rocky Pyle brought up that Dell Timpson does not have a conditional use permit yet and Billie said that she will remind him.