Planning & Zoning Minutes June 10, 2013

Planning & Zoning Minutes
Big Water Municipal
June 10, 2013

Work Session at 5:30pm Arizona Time 6:30pm Utah Time on Correcting Addresses.

1. Call to Order-6:30pm Arizona Time 7:30pm Utah Time
2. Roll Call-Debra Short, Doris Crowley, Denise Wood, David Joseph, and Billie Streelman were present.
3. Minutes approved for May 13,2013 David Joseph-Motion, Denise Wood- Seconded.
4. Citizen Comments-None
5. New Business- None
6. Old Business- Denise Wood wanted to know if the lot coverage increase was approved by town council. Billie Streelman- Stated that we need to have a public hearing on it before it is approved.

Denise Wood- also wanted to talk about Jennie Lassen conditional use permit. Billie Streelman- stated that Jennie Lassen was asks to come in and fix some of issues about her conditional use permit. Because the way she has it listed and what she is actually doing are different.

Doris Crowley- Stated that she would like a discussion on the burnt up house on freedom. Mackenzie Reynolds- stated that the Mayor has been working on that issue with Rocky Pyle and they have giving him a deadline for when the house needs to be torn down. Doris Crowley- also stated that she has had people comment on the trailers behind the boat storage. Mackenzie Reynolds- stated that she would talk to the Mayor about this matter and what he would like to do about it. The Board would like a letter sent to the boat storage about this matter.

David Joseph- Stated that he has had a couple of people come up to him about fencing and fencing height. Billie Streelman- stated that the fencing on the corner can only be 48" tall so that you can see around the corners on the street.

7. Final Comments- Billie Streelman- would also like letters sent out about parking on the street in front the boat storage and blocking street.
8. Adjournment- 6:47pm Arizona Time 7:47pm Utah Time