Planning & Zoning Meeting Minutes for May 13,2013

Planning & Zoning Minutes
Big Water Municipal
May 13,2013

Work Session at 5:30 p.m. Arizona Time 6:30 p.m. Utah Time on correcting addresses.

1. Call to Order- 6:33 p.m. Arizona Time 7:33p.m. Utah Time
2. Roll Call- Billie Streelman, Denise Wood, Doris Crowley, Debra Short were present. David Joseph was absent.
3. Minutes approved for 4/08/13 Denise Wood-Motion, Doris Crowley-Seconded.
4. Citizen Comments- None. Victor Carlucci did not show up to the meeting.
5. New Business- None
6. Old Business- Municipal ordinance 2013-270 Doris Crowley-Motion, Denise Wood- Seconded.
Planning & Zoning made motion to pass ordinance on to Town Council for approval.
Paul Hyde asked if there would be any discussion on the ordinance. Denise stated that they discussed it at the last two meetings. Billie- asked if anyone would like to discuss anything on the ordinance. Paul Hyde- asked about the septic system on the lots is depended on the uncovered ground to maintain well running septic system. Denise- stated that you cannot build on top of your septic system. Paul Hype- also stated that 50% seem a bit much for smaller lot. Billie- stated that our research shows that everybody including Kane County has 50% coverage even on smaller lots.
7. Final Comments- None
8. Adjournment- 6:39 p.m. Arizona Time 7:39 p.m. Utah Time