Big Water Fire Certifications!

Release from the Big Water Fire Department:

With the recent certification of 6 members at Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Big Water Fire and Rescue now maintains 8 Advanced EMT’s.

Soon three more Big Water Fire and Rescue Personnel will be certified as Basic EMT’s. Big Water Fire will have a total of thirteen EMT’s; 8 Advanced and 5 Basic to serve Big Water and the surrounding communities.

Big Water Fire and Rescue continues toward the goal of “every EMT is a certified firefighter and every certified fire fighter is a certified EMT”. Congratulations to those who have certified as A-EMT’s: Brandie Dobbins, Toni Carrlucci, Dave Dobbins, Mike Daniel, Marcus Hammershmitt and Ellias Jasso. Soon to certify as Basic EMT’s are Brian Sherlock, Dan Malone and Gerold Mock.