Planning and Zoning Minutes for 4.8.13

Planning & Zoning Minutes
Big Water Municipal
April 8, 2013

Work session at 5:30 pm AZ time 6:30 pm UT time- Discussion on addresses correction and worked on correcting address.

Economic Development Presentation -6:40 pm UT time
1. Call to Order – 8:05 pm AZ time 9:05 pm UT time
2. Roll Call –David Joseph, Doris Crowley, Denise Wood, and Billie Streelman were present.
3. Minutes approved for 03-11-13 Denise-Motion, Doris -Seconded
4. Citizen Comment - Richard Specht asked about the Lot coverage increase. Billie replies that we are still working on the resolution for the lot coverage and that we will have it ready for the next meeting.
5. New Business – The Board discussed getting to resolution ready for the next meeting and emailing it to all the board members for review.
6. Old Business – The Board is still working on correcting the addresses.
7. Final Comments –None
8. Adjournment – 8:10 pm AZ time 9:10 pm UT Time