Big Water School Among Top in the State

The USOE (Utah State Office of Education) has released proficiency scores for Utah schools based on the end of year 2012 computer based testing in mathematics, Language Arts, and science.

Compared to Utah schools similar in size and composition to Big Water School, K-8, Big Water School ranked first state wide in mathematics, second state wide in Language Arts, and fourth state wide in science.

Compared to all five hundred forth-six (546) K-8 schools in Utah, regardless of size and composition, Big Water ranked 13th in math with a 95% proficiency level, 15th in Language Arts with a 95% proficiency level, and 70th in science with an 87% proficiency level.

This means Big Water School ranked in the top 2% state wide in math, top 3% in Language Arts, and the top 13 % in science.

Congratulations Big Water School teachers and students for a job well done!