Community Bulletins

How To Check The Status of Your Vote

People have expressed concern over the Vote by Mail system Big Water adopted after the voter registration requirements changed.

To see if your vote was counted for the upcoming election go to

Click the VOTING INFO button and fill in the information in the middle of the three sections.

Your voter information will then appear including most of all, if your vote was counted. If it was it will indicate COUNTED.

Broadband Survey and Information

Please take a moment to fill out the Utah Regional Broadband Planning Planning Survey and read the following information on the Broadband Project.

Dinosaur T-Shirt Order Form

Painting Town Hall

Painting the trim on the Town Hall
Sat, Sept 7, 2013
9:00am AZ (10am UT)
Please come and volunteer to scrap, sand and paint the trim on Town Hall

Power Outage

Big Water, Church Wells to Paria - The power will be out tonight 08/29/2013 beginning at midnight Utah time, 11:00 p.m. AZ time.

The power outage is necessary to replace a relay in the Buckskin substation that was damaged during last week's power outage. Had to order the part from Pennsylvania. Last week's outage was caused by a microburst that broke a cross-arm on a power pole & than caused a fire because of arcing. This mishap lead to the failure of the relay in the substation that is being replaced tonight. Power was restored last week by by-passing the damaged relay.

Zip Code Updates

16 months ago I contacted Senators Hatch's office for the second time over the years to request help and intervention for our town with the Post Master regarding our Zip Code Issues.

Attached is the letter Senators Hatch's office sent to the Post Master and the reply.